We are a boutique design studio that offers innovative, strategic
and tangible solutions. We provide all the services of a traditional
agency but with a more dynamic and flexible structure.

Since 2010 we’ve worked with an extensive portfolio of clientsin diverse
industries, successfully implementing tailor made solutions that always
exceeded their expectations.


We are based on the concept of “positive agglutination”: the maximization
of resources in order to boost return.
As an interdisciplinary team of agglutinating agents,
we are specialized in different communication platforms and corporate
identity for small, medium and large businesses.

Journalist / Producer

With 10 years of experience, Maru adds her broad exposure in Online and graphic journalism, specialized in breaking news, shows, fashion and beauty (ParaTi, Gente, Clarín, Groupon, Vichy and La Roche Posay) where she has conducted her own research and published articles for major publications and brands.

She has directed production teams (planning, location, photography, makeup, hairdressing and wardrobe), and worked for the best-ranked graphic media in Argentina, teamed with renowned professionals such as Carolina Balbiani, Gabriel González, Gaby Cociffi, Christian Beliera, Santi Turienzo, Juan Carlos Porras, María Eugenia Duffard and Jorge Lanata,
among others.

At Glut, Maru maximizes the messaging, advertising and growth of the agency thru her extensive professional relationships with executive directors, artists, socialites and key Press & PR leaders in Argentina.

Graphic designer / Glut Director

With 20 years of experience in design and image, Pato has worked in design studios and multinationals along with public figures, strategic partners, directors, owners, teachers and freelance entrepreneurs (Norberto Chaves, Daniel Zylberberg, America Sanchez, Guillermo Pezzani, Raúl Belluccia, Santiago Felippelli Conway, Marcelo Bridger, Ariel Di Lisio, Nicolás Benedict, Marta Bril, Nicolás Anguita, Gabriela Messuti and Leandro Aisenberg, amongst others) by creating and bringing new ideas to every business. In 2010, he starts a new phase and sets up Glut.

At Glut, Pato maximizes the link between the creativity, communication, design, development and production phases, interacting with multidisciplinary professionals.

Professional Communications Expert / Design Specialist / Writer and Professor

With over 50 years of international exposure, Norberto is a founding member of I+C Consultores (Barcelona, Buenos Aires). I+C Consultores specializes in corporate image and strategy.

The following is a list of his clients in Argentina: Banco Central de la República Argentina, Bisel, Crédito Argentino, Mercurio, Bansud, Crédito Argentino, Practibanco, Previsión Social de Mendoza, Credicoop y Liniers Sudamenricano. Among others, companies such as: YPF, Acindar, Disco, Fate, Easy, Metrogas, Argencard, Musimundo, Patio Bullrich, Show Center, Hotel Arakur, Compaq, Multibrand, Cadenaci, Maccarone, APSA Alto Palermo Centros Comerciales, Torneos y Competencias, Torras Papel, SPM – TIM GALENO Life, Mapa, Raghsa, TELECOM, VELOX, ASSA, IRSA y PETERSEN.

As a Professor in Argentina, Norberto was Chief of the Pedagogical Department, Professor of Theory of Urban and Architectural design and Social Theory of Habitat and Semiology of Architecture (FADU, UBA). In Spain, he was Professor of Theory of Communications, Theory of Design and Surroundings and Theory of Graphic Design in the Escola EINA of Barcelona. Moreover, Norberto is invited to give speeches at different Architecture and Design Schools in Argentina, Spain, Mexico and Cuba on a regular basis.

A few of the books and articles of his authorship are: “La Imagen Corporativa”, “El Oficio de Diseñar”, “La Marca Corporativa”, “El Diseño Invisible”, “Diseño y Comunicación”, “Seis Diseñadores de Argentina en Barcelona” and “Marca: Los Significados de un Signo Identificador”.

Currently, Norberto teaches graduate clases and attends events related to architecture, design and communication. He is a member of the “Cuerpo Académico del Doctorado en Diseño” and of the “Maestria en Gestión de Diseño.” He teaches courses of graphic audit, country branding and latin american cities. He is co-founder of Foroalfa, an online forum related to design.

At Glut, we benefit from his vast experience as he acts as a consultant in corporate identity, mostly focused on Architecture, Graphic and Industrial Design.

norbertochaves.com + foroalfa.org/norberto-chaves


To create long-lasting brand identities that add value to our clients’
businesses by guiding them thru the entire positioning journey.